June 2014 Artists on Display

In the Display Case

Milk Bottles, Milk Trucks, and Dairy Materials

John S. Rienzo, Jr. will display dairy related items at the New Hartford Public Library in July. Mr Rienzo will display items and materials that encompass milk bottles, milk trucks, and related dairy industry production and distribution. This will include models, books, manuals, photos, bottles, butter churns and related items that show the history of milk delivery and processing. He will display both local dairy materials and the link between upstate dairy production and its relationship to the markets in the New York City area. (J. Rienzo)


On the Wall

Franklin Kielar

Artist and Film Maker

This exhibit focuses on paintings created with limited colors to achieve simpler impressions of life and experiences. Each piece utilizes only three colors allowing the viewer to form their own impressions based on the loose lines and form. Most of the pieces are intended to tell a story and attempts to capture a pinnacle moment during that story. The themes range from love and loss, to the metaphysical and present a broad range of images. This exhibit features paintings used primarily for artistic expression and are not attached to any other media projects.

Franklin Kielar is native to upstate NY where he now lives. Painting and drawing is generally a production skill used prior to filming or animating larger projects. Graduating in 1999 from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a BA in computer animation gave him a wide range of skills that are used in the creation of this artwork along with personal experiences and impressions. The abstract and surreal genres offer the most freedom of expression without the rigidity of physics and tend to be his genre of choice.

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